kitty limited edition print uncle charlie hardwick pop art print psychedelic frameworks

"Kitty" 2009 ed/40


Featured Artist...

Charlie Hardwick

"Uncle Charlie"

Houston based artist Charlie Hardwick is best known for creating some of the most vibrant rock concert posters since the early 90s. Utilizing a strong, graphic "neo-pop" style, his designs for U2, James Brown,The Who, Radiohead, and more, have made him into one of the most succesful poster artists working today. While creating memorable gigposters under his pseudonym "Uncle Charlie", he has in recent years focused on fine art, limited edition prints. Evolving his boldly outlined "supergraphics" into a freewheeling update of late 60s power pop, Hardwick combines a bright and dilated color pallette with a surreal, undulating fractal surface. Fun and funky, these prints are sure to turn any wall into an instant happening...




baboom limited edition art print silkscreen uncle charlie hardwick psychedelic frameworks

"Baboom" 2010

serigraph ed./30

day of the dead limiteds edition fine art print 2009 uncle charlie hardwick psychedelic frameworks

"Day of the Dead" 2009


untitled limited edition fine art serigraph print uncle charlie hardwick artist psychedelic frameworks gallery

mr. flowres limited edition fine art print uncle charlie hardwick artists psychedelic frameworks gallery

Mr. Flowers 2009


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