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A Lost Lens
American Vernacular Photography
May 11 -June 19, 2010

May is National Photography Month, and Red Bank FrameWorks is proud to present the debut of our gallery space with this unusual exhibition. The FrameWorks Gallery specialises in works on paper, photography, and printmaking.

From images once abandoned and discarded, this selection of anonymous vintage photography presents characters and settings in a mysterious instant from long ago. Like a single motion picture still, there is no beginning or end, challenging the viewer to decide the story being told.
While they may lack the technical and artistic ambition of "fine art", these amateur exposures instead capture the feeling and soul of a moment lost in time. A visual capsule of expression, these images preserve the exhuberance, melancholy, and mystery that first inspired someone to press the shutter.

FrameWorks Gallery will present these original photographs from the 1910s - 1950s in original "found" frames that are indicative of the era in which they were taken. Also on view are larger versions of the images. These are printed on archival rag paper using a dedicated monochrome carbon pigment process.


wpa vinatge photograph man in field

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