bon jovi nashville 2010 poster print mafia desin gigposter
my morning jacket sasquatch festival 2010 poster invisible creature design gigposter
josh ritter chicago concert poster 2010 crosshair silkscreen design
the black keys concert poster chicago 2010 dan grzeca design gigposter
yeasayer concert poster 2010 doe eyed design gigposter
patti smith chicago concert poster 2010 todd slater design gigposter
st. vincent washington DC concert poster doe eyed design gigposter
hum millenium park turtle concert poster jar ryan birdmachine design gigposter
sharon jones dap-kings nashville concert poster print mafia design gigposter
cymbals eat guitars chicago concert poster crosshair silkscreen design gigposter
a band of horses concert poster todd slater design gigposter
the black keys orlando florida concert poster dan grzeca design gigposter 2010
circa survive concert poster silkscreen print gigposter doe eyed design 2010
dosh concert poster gigposter jay ryan the bird machine silkscreen print
the jesus lizard concert poster silkscreen print gigposter jay ryan the bird machine
conan o'brien concert poster 2010 invisible creature design gigposter
wilco montclair new jersey nj crosshair dan mcadams design gigposter

eye+ear: recent concert poster design logo


This exhibit showcases the work of several artists and design studios from across America who have created a unique and highly individual style on the idea of music concert poster as art.

From it’s early popularity in the 1960s, promoting counter-culture scenes & sounds, the poster has evolved with it’s times, recording the aesthetic changes of every generation and musical ripple. From punk to hip hop, it is the poster artist’s challenge to create a visual “sound” that works in harmony with the music and it’s audience.


This group of prints shows a wide range of individual and artistic techniques, that have set them apart from the thousands of others hanging in coffee shops, record stores, and on light posts in every town or city.

Far from the means of photocopied flyers, these graphics often utilize screenprinting as the medium of choice. A labor intensive and unforgiving process, it is a task often carried out by the designers themselves, a DIY approach to insure that their artistic vision is uncompromised. The print quality and craftsmanship, just like the artwork, typography, and color choices, show the thought and attention to subtle detail that elevate these works to more than just advertisements.

While featuring designs for live performances by Patti Smith, Wilco, and Gomez, it is among less recognized acts as The Black Keys, Yeasayer, Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, and The Jesus Lizard, that current “gigposter” artists find a kindred, inspired muse. It is here an artist discovers a signature combination by doing what they love, for a music that they love...


For more information use the links below to visit the artist's website...


Crosshair Silkscreen


Nate Duval


Doe Eyed Design


Dan Grzeca


Invisible Creature


Print Mafia


Jay Ryan


Todd Slater


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